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5 Reasons to Choose Advertising Umbrellas for Your Business.

Advertising umbrellas are a fantastic and effective promotional tool that businesses can use to increase brand visibility and awareness on a day-to-day basis. These umbrellas are customized with the company’s logo and message, making them a powerful marketing tool that can be used at various events and locations. 1. Increased Brand Exposure Advertising umbrellas provide […]

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four women standing against a white background employee engagement ideas

Employee engagement ideas

Employee engagement ideas vary and should be carefully considered. Employees play an important role in your organisation. They are primary, important internal stakeholders who help define, shape and carry out the tactical operations of a business. They bring energy to planning and operations, they are the face of your company, they interact with your customers […]

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magical digital print on outside panels of umbrella

Supplying artwork for umbrellas

Artwork for umbrellas requires the artwork to be to be high resolution Artwork needs to be supplied to us in a suitable format for printing to ensure crisp, superb quality interpretation on the umbrella panels. An image or graphic might look great on your phone or computer but when printed across an umbrella won’t look […]

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Aphex twin ugly face printed on inside of double canopy umbrella

5 popular umbrella customisation options

Customised umbrellas are now a must-have for most businesses. Used to send out to clients as gifts or for us in the office, customised umbrellas are also part of an essential uniform for staff. Umbrella customisation options are now so vast, that umbrellas are considered part of one’s personal style. Top 5 popular umbrella customisations […]

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